Extra Curricular Activities
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In order to support and develop our students’ talents, we offer many extracurricular activities for our students to be involved in. Students participate in extracurricular activities not only for entertainment, social, and enjoyment purposes, but also to gain and improve their own skills.

A wide and diversified range of extracurricular activities are organized in our school for meeting a variety of student interests and needs, for example, Show Choir, Taekwondo, Lion and Dragon Dance, Chinese Dance, Indian Dance, Nepalese Dance, Folk Dance, Rope Skipping, Boys' and Girls' Football, Basketball, Art World, i-Learning Class, Computer, Fun in Chinese, English and Putonghua, different musical instrumental classes such as Marching Band, Recorder, Violin and Ukulele and the uniformed group such as Cub Scout and Sea Cadet Corps .

As we provide many chances for students to join different competitions and performances inside and outside school, students can gain more self-confidence, and appreciation for others' differences and similarities.

Rope Skipping

Lion & Dragon Dance
Sea Cadet Corps
Drawing Class
Chinese Dance
Junior Choir
Show Choir
Cub Scout
Nepalese Dance
Marching Band
Art World
Clay Flower
Folk Dance
Smart Maths
Chinese Tip Top Class
Chinese Calligraphy